Friday, December 16, 2005


(An Editorial)

Mahmut Esat Ozan

Chairman-Editorial Board The Turkish Forum

There are many things in this world which are worthy to be kept alive. The
Holocaust story is one of them. However, as a writer from the Minneapolis
Sun Tribune,one Eric Hanson claims that the invented and oft-referred to
infamous quotation, attributed to Adolph Hitler on the alleged Armenian
Genocide is not one of them.

The oft-referred to infamous"quotation" clumsily attributed to Adolph

"Who still speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians" etc... is
as phony as a three dollar bill. Hitler never uttered those words.

Furthermore I heard at least ten different renditions of that quotation..
The one used by the writer in the Minneapolis Sun Tribune takes the cake.
Mr. Eric Hanson has his very own interpretation of it . He claims Adolph
Hitler's words went like this:

Look at the Armenian genocide. One of the things that Hitler said was,
"Nobody remembers it." Nobody remembers what? He doesn't know it either
because nothing of that sort was ever spoken by Hitler or by anybody else
belonging to the Third Reich government.

However, Adolph Hitler is reputed to have used frequently the following
quotation , which sounds like he had borrowed it from his Minister of
Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels :Adolph Hitler said: "The more you repeat a
lie, the more it becomes the truth."

To be able to give a more authoritative answer to the above invented
Hitler quotation, let us read a short passage from Prof. Dr. Turkkaya
Ataov, Chairman, International Relations Division, Ankara, Turkey, and
also a member of the Advisory Board of the Turkish Forum.

Professor Ataov categorically refutes the quotation claimed by the
Armenians as being true. Prof

Ataov says in part: "As a matter of fact, Hitler had probably made only
one single reference to the Armenians in a talk delivered on December 12,
1942, in which he described them being as unreliable (UNZUVERLASSIG) and
also dangerous (GEFAHRLICH).

Unlike the Armenian's false and baseless quotation which is nowhere to be
found in order to be examined and eveluated, these words are in the German
archives. Hitler, finding the Armenians unreliable and dangerous is not so
unusual. There are many examples of these types of statements everywhere.
Because Adolph Hitler was not the only one who had negative feelings and
thoughts about the Armenians.

PIERRE LOTI , the famous French novelist and world traveler always proudly
defended the Turkish position at the turn of the 20th century pertaining
to the 'genocide issue,' when many others sided with the Armenians because
of their religious feelings which compelled them to remain closer to the
Christian Armenians., whom they said "embraced Christianity 1,700 years

PIERRE LOTI knew the Turks intimately for having lived in Turkey and
having written books about his friends, the Turks, about whom he once said
the following:

"Their loyalty.(the Turks’).. unblemished honesty,...endless
hospitality...religious tolerance ...moral elegance and natural tact, do
give affectionately deposition for the Turks in front of the great
Tribunal of Humanity." He added " Letters continue to arrive to me
everyday, from officers, soldiers, and even Catholic priests, who were
able to know them (Turks) closely at the Dardanelles and who remain amazed
to have found the Turks to be as I had described them. One of the most
touching came from a (French) soldier who had been their prisoner for a
long time, to express his tender gratification of the Turks who took care
of him with brotherly love. Thank God, the truth about them is beginning
to make headway at home." (France)....He continues, "To speak ...about the
Armenian race is for me more painful than one would believe, because the
amount of their unfortunate 'incidents' rendered me almost scared; also...
If I were able to claim and support that all the French who have lived in
Turkey, even our monks and nuns, give the Turks their esteem and their
affection. On the contrary, I believe that we would find barely one out of
a hundred of us who has good memories of these 'unfortunate' Armenians.
All who have had any relationship whatsoever with them, mundane or
business,-- business affairs above all, were turned away with antipathy.

There are other testimonials.These testimonials are worthy to be kept
alive, because we have them in written form on paper. Where in Heaven's
name are the documents showing Hitler's absurd quotation ? or better yet
dozens of "quotations"? Each and every one of them sounds so "goofy", and
not like the official words of a person in Hitler's capacity at the time.

The well-known student of Turkish affairs, Dr.Stephan Ronart wrote the
following in his well-known work , "La Turquie d'Aujourd'hui" The Turkey
of Today, Paris 1937

"....Three times in the same millennium, Turks have built three
inter-continental empires- the mightiest that history has ever recorded.
This expansive spirit has always been the normal pattern in Turkish social
life. None of these early Turkish empires allowed the slightest religious
intolerance to take hold among themselves, nor did they advance the
superiority of one faith or of one sect over another."

Alphonse de Lamartine, in his 9 volume essay on Turks, wrote long before
anyone else that Turks were generous and sensitive, that their country was
that of gentle, heroic people. He proclaimed that to be the foe of such a
people would be like being the foe of humanity. He finished his words by
saying : "God preserve me from such a sin."

Having remembered the injustices perpetrated on the Turkish people by the
Armenians and Greeks in these United States, and having just finished
reading the above unsolicited testimonials, I cannot refrain myself from
asking the following question: "Could our ancestors ever commit the crimes
they are accused of? Were the Turks of the old Ottoman Empire capable of
harboring within their hearts a burning desire compelling them to
annihilate a human race, the Ottoman Armenians? Invariably the answer
comes up a resounding "NO", no, no, never!

There are times when I find it impossible to comprehend the enormity of
the accusation we Turks have been confronted with. To be able to endure
for a long time, such a horrendous indictment, a "Genocide" we had to be
totally innocent of the charges and we are. There was no such thing as a

For those who ask themselves, "If Turks were such a fair, magnanimous, and
gentle people why then the Armenians in Diaspora accuse them for such a
horrendous crime of Genocide?" Here's the answer which they will never
accept because it runs against their profitable enterprise "GENOCIDE DOT
COM " which I coined as early as 1996 .Armenians will always refute the

The wholesale Armenian insurgence in the Ottoman Empire perpetrated for a
pipe dream called Independence, and the extortion of a piece of valuable
Turkish real estate did not pan out. Ever since the Armenians are crying
and have been playing the role of "BAD LOSERS " and are trying to sell a
relocation, and resettlement issue as plain old "GENOCIDE."

They are to be pitied. As I always repeat : The Armenians GAMBLED BIG, AND
LOST BIG. No invented Adolph Hitler "quotation " could save them .

This reminded me of an anecdote I had read somewhere which said

"Lady Godiva was the world's greatest gambler because she had put
everything on a horse" I'm wondering if her horse was called "Genocide"?


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